Preventative Care is a Lifetime Essential for Your Pet


At Center Hill Animal Clinic, we know that your pet is like family to you. That’s why yearly exams and preventative care are essential to keeping your pet in peak health and detecting early signs of illness. Animals are good at concealing their discomfort, but with our skilled veterinary team and cutting-edge diagnostics tools, we can bring existing issues to light and treat them capably.

The Cornerstones of Prevention

The biggest dangers to your pet’s health are usually too small to see, and animals can’t take the measures that humans do to prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, our preventative services are geared towards screening for, diagnosing, and treating conditions that are undetectable with the naked eye.

Our main preventative services include:

  • A complete, head-to-tail physical exam
  • In-house blood and fecal testing to check for parasites and other hidden health issues--our lab services give results in minutes
  • Vaccinations to protect your pet against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and other diseases for which they might be at risk
  • Prescribing the appropriate parasite preventives for your pet, including comprehensive heartworm education, prevention, and treatment

Why is Parasite Prevention Important?

Olive Branch is close to the Mississippi River and known as the “epicenter” of heartworm disease, which is spread by mosquitoes. Fleas and ticks are also an issue, and due to the climate, all of these pests are active throughout the year. Heartworm disease is dangerous because it can be life-threatening, but it is treatable, and there are new, safer treatment options available.


Start Protecting Your Pet from Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease can be treated, but treatment is time-consuming and costly. That is why prevention is the best medicine. Dr. Shaul or Dr. Bishop can help you choose the best heartworm preventive to keep your companion healthy and protected for life. Contact our hospital at (662) 895-8387 to meet with your veterinarian!

Helping You Address Your Pet's Wellness Needs

To keep your pet well, they need routine preventative care. Call us to request an appointment so we can evaluate your pet’s health and discuss their lifestyle. Bringing your pet in for yearly visits helps us create a consistent record of their health and be better-equipped to detect changes.